V4-2018 Landscape heterogeneity and the forthcoming agricultural policy measures in Slovenia

Project leader: doc. dr. Danijel Ivajnšič, FNM

Project goals:
- identify areas for the conservation, restoration and establishment of landscape features, and the definition of a set of landscape features suitable for the conservation of biodiversity in agriculture,
- prepare recommendations for the appropriate management (conservation, restoration and establishment) of individual landscape features,
- prepare a classification and precise definition of landscape features (including presentation of ecological needs of species and their habitats, provision of ecosystem services, ...) relevant to both biodiversity and agriculture, and identify those landscape features that need to be maintained at the level of conditionality and those that should be maintained through climate and environmental schemes and interventions of the II. pillar as above-standard requirements,
- define the dividing line between standard and above-standard measures, and prepare appropriate calculations for support for farmers,
- prepare the contents of mandatory and above-standard measures with a clear intervention logic, and propose an appropriate minimum share of agricultural area intended for non-production characteristics or landscape features,
- to prepare starting points for determining the landscape features for inclusion among the eligible areas of income support under the direct payment scheme,
- to develop an appropriate system for capturing data of individual types of landscape features in order to improve the data bases,
- prepare an upgrade of the existing inventory of landscape features, adapted to the needs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food for the needs of preparation and effective implementation of the Strategic Plan from 2023 onwards, which will be suitable for inclusion in the Land Identification System (LPIS), and preparation of its maintenance proposal.
Gemma activities (Damjan Strnad, Štefan Kohek, Matej Brumen):
- development of spatial support information system for conservation of landscape features for selected area
- testing of algorithm for landscape feature identification from available satellite, orthophoto, LiDAR and other spatial data for selected area