ION - Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Navigation


Project funding: This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia

Project Coordinator: INOVA IT

UM FERI Coordinator: dr. Domen Mongus

Other partners: UM FERI, ASTRON, UM FGPA

With the growing urban population, mobility within cities is becoming increasingly challenging. This particularly affects the most vulnerable groups of citizens that daily face inaccessible city services, products, and environments due to their mobility impairments. With accessibility being one of the key priorities of European Disability Strategy as well as UN’s strategy on Sustainable Urban Development, deployment of assistive systems is also one of the key aspects of smart cities.


ION aims to develop a new generation of personalized navigation that will provide integrated indoor and outdoor routing services, particularly adjusted to the requirements of individuals with impairments in mobility. ION will meet this objective by developing:

  • A new software solution for the generation of enriched navigation maps with detailed geometry of obstacles obtained from heterogeneous Earth Observation data
  • A new indoor positioning system based on Visual Light Communication that will enable transforming existing lighting into advanced navigation systems, compliant with mobile devices,
  • Next generation navigation platform that will enable seamless switching between indoor and outdoor positioning, while considering personalized preferences for optimal path finding.


ION joins leading experts in geospatial data processing (i.e. FERI), advanced electronics (i.e. ASTRON), and mobile applications (i.e. INOVA) with most prominent experts in urban mobility (i.e. FGPA) that will bring about this ambitious agenda through a streamlined iterative work plan in a co-creative manner.


As navigation is a key enabler of Smart Cities and Communities, particularly in the segment of mobility, transport and logistics, the proposed project directly contributes to the main objective of the referenced area and sub-area of S4. By focusing on open design, ION also provides a key component for meeting horizontal ICT network’s main objective that is an integrated platform for smart environments