Interoperability of Geo-Spatial data infrastructure for spatial development

The project is aimed towards the construction of modern geospatial data infrastructure,

especially intended for local communities and other entities that play an important role in land development. The project partners want to create technological capabilities for easier access to spatial data for both users and applications that use these data in their daily routines. The geospatial data infrastructure will be based on the latest geoinformation standards OGC and inspire as well as on the open-source GeoServer infrastructure. This infrastructure should also be compatible with the interoperable infrastructure that is being built by the state.


Additionally, the project partners have set a goal to raise awareness of spatial data and promote related knowledge to general public. This will be done by creating a system that will support easy and clear presentation of key characteristics of spatial data to end-users and by creating a feedback loop with the education process through which results and new knowledge obtained in the project will be available in the university education process.