Intelligent home of a new generation based on smart devices and wood

Technological soloutions that will be developed within the scope of the IQ HOME programme, which will connect and form an “Intelligent home of the new generation designed on smart appliances and wood”. Developed set of solution will form wood based intelligent home that will represent a new paradigm in the field of home adapted to user’s needs with extensive use of non-invasive artificial intelligence. The developed technologies of final construction elements will be characterized by integration, adaptability and advanced user friendly intelligence. The consortium includes 26 partners from various technological areas. Programme implementation will connect the key actors in the whole Slovenian wood processing value chain, which will enable creating of new globally competitive products that will serve as the foundation of growth in this sector. Implemented set of 25 interdisciplinary development projects will cover the whole wood chain with the construction, intelligent devices and intelligent home management. Developed will be a number of global breakthrough technologies; from the development of insulation construction elements based on nano-particles, alternative Solid State heating with microwaves and Thick film to be used in the household appliances, advanced energy management systems, interconnection of systems and use of artificial intelligence for home management. Tight transfer of knowledge from public research organizations into the business environment will be established. An important contribution towards sustainable development will be based on the Life Cycle Analysis and the development of some advanced solutions in the fields of torrefaction, magnetocaloric cooling, as well as solutions for significant energy savings where the programme implementation will have impact also on a global scale.