COST A27: Understanding pre-industrial structures in rural and mining landscapes


The COST A27 action incorporates three working groups: WG1: Mining Landscapes, WG2: Rural Landscapes: Landscape Markers and the Organisation of the Land, and WG3: Virtual Landscapes and Databases. The Laboratory for Geometric Modelling and Multimedia Algorithms joined the third working group in 2005. The main goal of this group is development of geographic information systems (GIS) for storing, visualisation and analysis of spatial data. Prof. Žalik has become a co-ordinator for the A27 action for Slovenia, which has not participated to thi COST action before. The laboratory members are, with all their experiences in developing algorithms of computational geometry, in related special-purpose GIS, surface and in 3D visualization on web, supposed to significantly participate to the final success of the project.|Name:overview