INDY - Energy Independent and Efficient Deployable Military Camps

This is a European Defence Fund project lead by Laboratory for power engineering at UM FERI, where GEMMA lab. is a collaborating partner. Both at national and international levels, the energy transition is high on the priority list. In line with the “Green Deal”, the greening of military forces is necessary to reach the ambition defined by Member States. At the moment, deployable military camps are almost 100% dependent on fossil fuel. This not only means that the environmental footprint is high but it also represents a weak point and vulnerability for the armed forces in terms of logistics and dependence on fossil fuels. This is becoming even more challenging given the growing need of energy for the military equipment.

INDY proposes a roadmap toward energy independent and efficient systems for military camps. The necessary energy transition for deployable military camps will require a change of paradigm for energy production, conversion, storage, transport, distribution and usage, with the final goal of a total independency of fossil fuels. The ambition of INDY is to define a new approach to energy as a whole from energy production to its final usage. INDY’s expected outcome is a strategic roadmap, based on technological and methodological studies, for the development and implementation of disruptive and new energy sources, the management of resources and optimization of needs of military deployable camps. It will be a first step to a better security of supply of energy and the transition to renewable energy sources for future military camps.