Culture 2000: Virtual Heart of Central Europe

As a part of the European Union’s Culture 2000 programme, VHCE was aimed to protect outstanding universal values of the European cultural heritage, to promote cultural understanding throughout the world and, in this manner, to enable Europeans to be consciously proud of their contribution to World Cultural Heritage. This was achieved by the digital reconstruction of selected significant objects of cultural heritage in four European cities Prague, Bratislava, Maribor and Graz, and creation of a public digital archive for future use of the digitalized artefacts. The partners focused on architectural verticals of the cities and, therefore, subtitled the project as Towers and Wells. Each object was presented by a set of photographs, text and audio commentary, 3D animation mixed with real video, Quick Time VR panorama and interactive VRML walkthroughs. The presented jewels of Maribor comprise the oldest living vine (400 years), the Water Tower, the plague monument, the castle in the centre of the city, the Slomšek square with the cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Franciscan church, the synagogue, and the Town Hall.