Library of the blind and visually impaired

The main project goal was to implement a digital library for blind and visually impaired persons and persons with reading disabilities. The platform consists of several modules with numerous functionalities accessible through a web user interface. Some parts of this interface are specially developed for blind and visually disabled persons. The system provides services needed for the production environment (audio capturing) and the distribution environment (accessing the digital audio material from the digital material repository). The library users can search, select, download and listen the selected digital audio materials. The two acoustic format “mp3” and “daisy” are supported. The latter is specially designed for blind and visually impaired persons and those with reading disabilities, and enables them more flexible and pleasant reading experience. The Administration module provides numerous functionalities for management of users and digital materials and collecting numerous statistics.

The platform is based on the open source developer tool GWT (Google Widget Toolkit) which is specially designed for running web applications on different web browsers, including those on mobile devices and smartphones. The web application runs on the Apache Tomcat application server.