Gemma photogrammetry suite – Application licensing

GeMMA Photogrammetry Suite Gemma Photogrammetry Suite is an advanced software tool designed and optimized for 3D mapping of georeferenced vector objects by using multimodal remote sensing data. It was developed in collaboration with the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia and Geodetski zavod Celje. It found practical application in mapping the entire hydrography of Slovenia. Its main functionalities are as listed below.

  • Supporting multimodal geo-referenced remote sensing data: aerial & satellite stereo or mono imagery (i.e. orthophoto), DTM and classified LiDAR data. For each type of dataset a pyramidal hierarchical decomposition is performed, in order to enable real-time userinteractivity.
  • Relational database support: Shapefile-based objects can be uploaded to remote relational database with geographic objects support (e.g. PostgreSQL supported with PostGIS). The database is supported with multi-level user management: inner control, outer control, operators and admin. The inner control provides feedback to the assigned regions that are mapped by specific operators. The outer control provides the general feedback over geometry or attribute mistakes.
  • Manipulation and mapping of Shapefilebased objects: ESRI-based vector format Shapefile is well supported and all its object types together with assigned attributes.