An Upgrade of a Viewer for Slovenian Forest Service

The forest data viewer was primarily developed to allow the employees of the Slovenia Forest Service to publish the forestry related data they collect and produce. This data is then made available to the general public through interactive GIS web application and related OGC compliant services.

The developed solution consists of several modules:

  • Backend relational database for storing vector and meta data;
  • Backend storage for large raster data;
  • Backend services for OGC compliant data distribution and styled map generation (using open-source software GeoServer);
  • Backend services for GIS map caching (using open-source software GeoWebCache);
  • Backend web application specific services (feature identification, search queries, area data export…);
  • Interactive frontend web GIS application.

Additionally, the forest data viewer also provides the services for computing the land plot wood stock information (types of trees, amount of wood and other related information). The user can download the forest management plans (provided by Slovenia Forest Service). Several search options allow the user to quickly locate the area of interest and then export the content as PDF or as an image.