BI-HU/02-03-005: Visualisation of Volume Data in Medical Environment

Scientific visualisation has become a fast growing area with applications in different engineering areas. One of the most active research subfields is volume rendering with applications in medical visualisation, geological applications, computational fluid dynamics and elsewhere. Our work is particularly oriented to biomedical sciences, which are among the most interesting disciplines, while Computerised Tomography (CT), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) produce 2D images (slides), which are today used extensively in diagnostic and education. We have contacts with the radiology department of the Hospital of Maribor, which is seriously interested in a computer environment enabling efficient observation of 3D models, obtained from the sequences of slides. Namely, a 3D model gives much more information to an observer than a set of slides. Main goals of the project are common publications in international journals and at international scientific conferences, eventual help to the Hospital of Maribor by providing it an efficient software package for medical data visualisation on PC, and the third goal is to facilitate our incorporation in the related European projects.