Development of a system for visualization of realistic terrain required for training battle crews

Code: M2-0141

Duration from: 2006-06-01

Duration to: 2008-05-31

The goal of the project is to create a software system that would support as realistic representation of terrain as possible using existing hardware in the middle price range. The model of the terrain will be based upon the digital model of the relief, but the user will also be able to change the geometry of the terrain through an external application. Beside the realistic representation of the terrain, the system will support visualization of static objects that can be found on the real training polygon (trees, houses, electrical wiring, …) as well as visualization of dynamic objects (targets). The properties of those objects (textures, geometry) will also be changeable by using the aforementioned external application, which will also support insertion and deletion of additional objects. Because the aim of the project is to support efficient tactical training of the battle crews, the system will be able to perform the visualization of the training polygon from various different angles simultaneously and offer the possibility to simulate the interaction with some specific battle devices through special user interfaces.