Computer Systems, Methodologies, and Intelligent Services (Programme-Funded Unit)

Duration from: 0000-00-00

Duration to: 0000-00-00

Computer Systems, Methodologies, and Intelligent Services is a research unit funded through the Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology programme scheme. It comprises researcher from five laboratories of the Institute of Computer Science at the Faculty of EE and CS of the University of Maribor. The group focuses on two global issues: conduct scientific research in the areas pursued by the individual laboratories, and make the best of their heterogeneous expertise and diversity of knowledge to achieve synergic effets.

Our scientific research is expected to produce world-wide comparable results in the following fields:
- development of new methodologies for domain-specific languages
- induction on context-free grammars
- heuristic approaches in computer graphics and geometrical modelling
- 3D and 4D compression of graphical and geometrical data
- development of the Internet personalization systems and vertical web services
- decomposition of compound signals in highly underdetermined cases
- analysis of MRI and ultrasound medical images
- development of virtual and multimedia environments for learning and training

The co-opertaive research of the group is based on complementary knowledge and sinergy in order to develop intelligent web services. A middleware layer with vertical services has been designed. It support the inteligent services from the abovementioned fields. A System of Intelligent Services is open and publically available. It is going to be upgraded throughout the activities of the programme unit, whereas the development will be based on our own schedule and ideas and also induced by the suggestions of users.

Digital signal and image processing; Biomedical engineering; Computational geometry; Computer graphics; Artificial intelligence; Computer-assisted geometrical design; Programming languages; Compilers; Computer architectures; Distributed processing; Internet programming; Data compression; Computer multimedia