Virtual sensors

This internal project carried out for experimentation and presentation purposes only resulted in a conceptually simple and userfriendly online or desktop application which allows a user to define a specific sensor (virtual camera) with its geographic (longitude, latitude, altitude) and optical parameters (lens and fieldof-view or FOV attributes), and then place it on top of a digitized terrain model (DTM) with or without orthophoto image(s) projected onto it. Then the user can change the camera’s parameters (including location) and observe the modified results in real-time. Thus, the goal of this experimentation was to compute the visibility problem solution from a given point of view (POV) of a specified camera in real-time by taking into consideration various obstacles in a high resolution DTM. The application offers a topdown view with drown POV, visually constrained FOV and green-coloured visible positions inside it. Another offered possibility is the first-person 3D view from the camera’s POV. In this way, for example, a user can manually locate the position for the security cameras. Furthermore, the decision making support for this and other problems may also be automated, more cameras can be handled (with merged visibility field), they can be either static or dynamic etc.