e-Derma – Wireless Dermatoscopy System

Cutaneous melanoma (CM) is a malignant tumor, which is one of the most rapidly growing cancers. Discovering a melanoma in the early stages of the disease is extremely difficult and as such only an invasive disease stage is easily identified with the naked eye. Dermatoscopy is a diagnostic method intended to maximize early detection of CM performed by the dermatoscopy system. To address the limitations of existing systems a novel, wireless digital dermatoscopy system is presented for providing the high-resolution images. It integrates a wire-free camera operation and offers a safe transfer of captured images to the computer. We perform the working process of evaluation on available dermatoscopy systems the most commonly used in everyday dermatology practice. Some findings like operability, image quality, scalability, user-friendliness, and safety are used for the development motivation of an e-Derma dermatoscopy system. The integrated wireless image transfer technology eliminates the movement limitations of a therapist working with cables. The image resolution is not limited by the integrated camera; it is easily upgradable with alternative or improved camera models.