Bus arrival prediction and monitoring system

The bus tracking and monitoring system was primarily developed for arrival prediction of buses on the bus stops in Maribor. The system predicts arrivals for up to 55 buses (up to 30 active buses in rush hours on working days). There are 29 bus stops included in bus tracking and monitoring system. Information about bus arrivals are shown on 41 displays. The developed software solution consists of several modules and applications.

• The GPS receiver gathers GPS tracking information from buses.

• The database stores information (routes, stations, GPS tracking information etc.).

• The module for bus arrival prediction predicts arrivals to different bus stops. This is the most important module.

• The module for controlling the displays shows appropriate information at each display.

• The web application for monitoring the bus traffic is an instance of online GIS for realtime tracking of GPS-enabled objects, named TerraTrackers.

TerraTrackers works with all major web browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It supports various databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and more) and represents a platform for various end user applications, including road information displays, firefighters support and, of course, the public transportation predictions here discussed.